Barnesfield Timber

Specialist suppliers of European timber products


Formed early in 2015, Barnesfield Timber is built on the extensive knowledge and experience of Rupert Schofield. Having traded logs and timber across Europe for nearly 30 years, Rupert has extensive and reliable contacts in the forests and sawmills of France, Germany and the UK.

Barnesfield Timber specialises in sourcing and importing European oak logs and sawn timber for those merchants and manufacturers in the UK, that either do not have the time, or the patience to source timber directly.


Working closely with log suppliers and sawmills in France and Germany, Rupert will personally select and grade logs, sawn plank and beams to your specification. We will work with you to establish grades and prices that suit your requirements and we will then work hard to ensure supplies are reliable and consistent. We know that there is nothing more irritating than taking the time to establish a grade only then to be sent a sub-standard load. By being on site in Europe we will do our best to ensure that this does not happen.

The majority of the material imported by Barnesfield Timber is oak, although other hardwood and speciality softwood species are available as well.

We can arrange for additional processing including, ripping, cross cutting and moulding where required.


Oak logs

Veneer, planking and beam grades

Sawn oak plank

QBA - QB2/3. Boules and selected plank. Kiln dried and air dried

Oak beams

Fresh sawn graded and air dried beams

Other species

Ash, Sweet Chestnut, Douglas fir, European cedar.

Most products can be offered with PEFC certification (CATG-PEFC-COC-476)

Timber logs



Rupert Schofield

M: 07598 190638


Diane Dickinson

T: 01793 853281

Barnesfield Timber can only offer full loads of logs and minimum half loads of plank and beams. For smaller quantities, British hardwoods, Hardwood Flooring, cedar cladding and larch cladding please contact the team at Vastern Timber on:

T: 01793 853281